Thursday August 16 , 2018
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Block X (in development)

London. The near future. Overwhelmed, the city has succumbed to lawlessness. The only beacon - Block X where the criminals who once terrorized the estate are disappearing and crime is falling. As Jamie tries to unravel the mystery of his brother’s disappearance, he stumbles into the dark terrain of a powerful enemy with a devastating plan for his brother and Block X.

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London Dates

In a sleek, ultra-high, London skyscraper, two young professionals seek old--fashioned love. London Dates soon discovers Joe and Maddy are soul-mates, a match made in heaven. However, with London Dates EXtra, family, and friends, hell-bent on keeping them apart, the odds stack against Joe and Maddy ever finding each other.

Joe and Maddy are looking for love when London Dates finds they make the perfect match. Both single, nothing should stand in the way of their love. Nothing except London Dates Extra, his brother, her father, their friends an ex-boyfriend, and one small fact - they both hate each other.


Sofias Diary

This is an interactive online drama series that is showing on, commissioned by Sony Pictures International.  The format was developed by Portuguese producer Nuno Bernardo, who, together with Sony and Campbell Ryan Productions, commissioned Fourth Passenger to Line Produce the series.

Watch the end result directly on:

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Games That Children Play

Games that Children Play

Our short film shot under the B3 Blank Slate funding project. Unfortunately due to rights and permissions we are unable to host the entire film on our site. We are seeking permission to put up a trailer so watch this space!

Strange New World

Where were you when the bombs tore across London on July 7th 2005?

Ten lives, ten stories. Ordinary people affected by extraordinary events; ordinary people confronted and confused by a world where nothing is what it seems -  a strange new world.

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The Book of Ghosts

The Book of ghosts is a character-driven drama that revolves around a devastating car crash that changes the lives of our four protagonists forever.

All the characters, a model, a therapist, a music producer and an animal rights activist, want to change the world in their own personal way. But is it really possible to change the world, especially in our turbulent times, swept by fundamentalist bombs, self destruction and fear for the future?

As the film shows, perhaps the answer lies internally within us and in the immediate microcosm around us. It is by changing ourselves and looking after those around us that we can begin to make the world a better place.

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