Thursday August 16 , 2018
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XO Man is a solo artist who I've been planning to do a video for since May this year. He has recently won the Hugo Urban Rules comp which gives him 6 months of free PR. He is financing this off of his own back. XO is currently unsigned but I don’t imagine this will be for long. He’s linked to and known by most UK hiphop people. His sound is hard to characterise which makes him much more unique. He mixes live band music with electronic sounds and his lyrics a closer to angsty spoken word than rapping per se.

Director Adam Linzey is currently working with Xo man on his new highly anticipated single ‘Microwave.’ This couldn’t come at a better time as Xo man has just won the Hugo Urban Rules bash awards, which has given him 6 months of free PR which has elevated his profile.



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