Thursday August 16 , 2018
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We are currently one of the leading London production companies working on Digital Interactive Content. This is the next generation of content delivery, which has grown from the Web 2.0 generation of social networking websites such as Bebo, Facebook, and MySpace. Our key market are 14 - 25 year olds who no longer watch TV but rather spend their time surfing and chatting on computers, consoles and mobile devices. Our Digital Interactive unit delivers short, high quality content that is delivered online.
The other side of our core business during the early years was in music video. Our key market were new artists and record labels that recognised the value of a cutting edge music video, as well as understanding the online marketing route to their growing fanbases. We use our network of online channels to promote new videos, getting maximum exposure in the shortest time.
We believe that short films are a perfect format to identify people's core skills and talents. We regularly initiate new short projects with the aim of nurturing new talent - Directors, Writers, Producers, and crew. A small showcase of some of the well known projects: Games That Children Play, Magic Dwight, The Last Supper
Much of the work that goes on at Fourth Passenger is paving the way towards production of our own feature film. Although the digital interactive content has taken the world by storm, we have a nmber of feature projects that are waiting for their moment.


Recent work

Sofias Diary

Sofia's Diary: An example of Interactive Content

We were commissioned by Sony and Campbell Ryan Productions to line produce this flagship online series. The first season of 65 episodes started showing on social networking site  In the frst 2 weeks there were 5 million individual viewers! Soon after its launch the TV rights were bought up by uk channel Five, and Sofia's Diary now shows daily on their lifestyle channel, Five Life.

Our expertise is formed from intimate knowledge of digital film making on a number of formats:


Short Film: Games that Children Play

This was a 10-minute short funded through the B3 Media short scheme. It was shown at a gala evening  at BAFTA and has since been selected to go to several festivals around the world.


Music Video

Music Video

This is a core part of our business and we have developed a number of formats that suit a variety of different budgets. We have always been keen to help give a foot on the ladder to up and coming artists.


Projects in development

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    London. The near future. Overwhelmed, the city has succumbed to lawlessness. The only beacon - Block X where the criminals who once terrorized the estate are disappearing and crime is falling. As Jamie tries to unravel the mystery of his brother’s disappearance, he stumbles into the dark terrain of a powerful enemy with a devastating plan for his brother and Block X.